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Building a better spam filter…

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

the better spam trap,.

in theory,. you could analyze the sender, and input field data to check for combos of capital letters,.

Capital Letter Theory:
Capital 1 + 2 and a capital anywhere else but not all (FAIL)
Capital 1 + 3 when 2 = c (PASS)
Capital 1-end (PASS + but switch to proper case)
Lower Case 1 + any mixed capital (FAIL)
Capitals mixed in at any other point (FAIL)

Say the sender is M7Us5ozs2 ,. it contains 3 numbers along with capitalization in a region later than the first character it is in the third character which is an acceptable position but only following a c such as McDonald

Number Theory,.
Email addresses rarely use a number that is not connected,. not sandu9sk3y@gmail so,.

Multiple disconjoined numbers in email address -> (FAIL)

I’ll be adding this to forms, and the email processors so it will be double filtered incase bots are posting directly.