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Move Magento to New Server

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Here is a good one for the community, do you need to move a magento install from one server to another and don’t want to lose your categories and attributes.

1) Setup the domain on the new server. in my example elephant.rob.

2) Download a copy of the same magento that is already running. In my case and extract the cotents to your www directory.

3) Next we will need to dump the data from the database. Using phpmyadmin or the comand line export a copy of the entire magento db as an sql insert query.

4) Open this downloaded query in a text editor and do a find and replace for the old domain to the new domain. In my case it was going from a local domain, elephant.rob to a public domain of elephant….com so I just replaced them all.

5) During the magento install process you had to create an admin user, if you didn’t used the same credentials remove the admin_role inserts from the .sql file also. One more step remove the adminnotificaiton_inbox and admin_rule inserts also.

6) Once you are done with the sql updates go to the new server and import the data.

7) Move your skin and you are done.

Equipment Appraisals and Auctions

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

We’ve finished another site, this time it’s a heavy equipment appraiser and auction house. Please take a minute and visit and have a look at all they have to offer.