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jQuery – Google Hosted via CDN

Monday, May 14th, 2012

So, if you like to use the jQuery library to speed up dev and deployment, consider using it from the google CDN so users are getting the closest and fastest copy they can.

Ann Arbor SEO, A2 SEM, SMM

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Today I was “surfing” and found a competing SEO firm here in Ann Arbor,. Interesting, I didn’t realize that anyone else in Ann Arbor actually tried to be an SEO.

We actually don’t advertise for our services as what we do can grow companies so fast and large, that not everyone can manage this growth, leading to several businesses growing out of business.

One lesson about SEO especially as it relates to a city like Ann Arbor, is when you add the two word city compound search to the word SEO, you haven’t done much. This article should land on page one position 1-5 just because I mentioned the city and the term.

If you want to see real SEO work, take down a keyword like used cars mi or something that is difficult.

Toyota Parts -> << Awesome

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

So the other day I was looking for someone that let you order very specific parts for my aging Toyota Celica. Well actually I have a pair of cars one from 1994 and the other from 2000 so it’s always a good test of a website like of their range of parts.

As I looked for the parts I wanted, a hood prop rod, and a shift-lock button cover. Weird parts right, well I came across the technical parts manual, digitized and searchable.

So, you enter your year, make and model and the keyword, and it shows the blow-up of parts and part numbers. Great, Just Great!

Lansing Indian Casino Project

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Why the hell does Lansing, a desolate city that is now looking more like Flint than a booming metropolis need a Casino?

Apparently the city officials decided that taking money from the dimwitted and idiotic was a good idea,. aren’t most of the people that will use the casino in Lansing already on state of federal assistance.

Since we’ve lost most of the companies that provided disposable “entertainment” income, are now gone, who will have money to spend on Red or Black.

Steve Murphy – Insider Exclusive – SCAM WARNING!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Steve Murphy Insider Exclusive – SCAM – WARNING – REVIEW – ?
Wow, what is this all about?

An attorney came to our office recently to ask about this so called “Insider Exclusive”, featuring Steve Murphy. The first thing that we thought was Inside Edition, and where jumping up and down thinking our lawyer friend was going to be on big-time T.V. Big time turns out to be little time, when you make the jump from Inside Edition to Insider Exclusive. They sure do sound alike.

So this prompted us to do some research and dig into Steve Murphy. As everyone here knows, we are experts on the web.

Here is a sample of the wonderful service he has provided to increase the “Exposure” of a client. we aren’t sure if it is an interview, and expose, or just a way to test if the camera is running. Basically in the four years its been on vimeo it’s averaged just less than 1 view per day. Hopefully she didn’t pay too much for the video… I’m guessing that most of the visits are her and her friends, along with google., Typically when a promotional piece goes out just friends and family will account for 300-400 views so what is this good for.

SCAM – WARNING – REVIEW Reviews and Complaints

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 is very, very slow to ship. It’s taken so long at this point, that I’ve had time to order the same products from a competitor and have them shipped to my office.

Last week, I ordered one of my favorite flavors from and finally a full week later, I have received confirmation that my order is ready to be picked up for shipping. That’s right, it’s still not shipped, or even picked up, just ready to be picked up.

When I hadn’t received my items Monday, I placed an order with, and to my great delight, their products arrived today from across the country. So, what is the trouble.