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Concealed Weapons Permits MI | CPL After the Change

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Apparently the rules have changed, and I wanted to see how easy or difficult it is to get through the process.

1) It’s now up to MSP ( Michigan Department of State Police ) to run your application via the county clerk.
2) the MSP is required to perform a background check via the Law Enforcement Network and a a national background check.
3) Each county is responsible to establish a concealed pistol licensing fund for administration of the law
4) Fee for licensing is reduced from $105 to $100
5) Revise Renewal Process and fee of $115
6) Require the county to notify holder of CPL before expiration of upcoming expiration
7) CPL to have a Photo ID digitized at the Secretary of State

There are a lot of other revisions and inclusions, but for the most part it is shifting it from county boards to a controlled system that is licensed through the state police and secretary of state. It seems a useful change to streamline the process.