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Towing Lansing MI, Jump Start, Lock Out Service

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

Looking for a hand locally, American Towing is happy to help out.

They are now the premier towing company in the Lansing Area. If you need to be towed in Lansing, or you’ve locked your keys in your car, give them a call. your Towing and Gas Delivery and Lockout Service Specialist.

Load your Kindle with .lit or .pub files Ubuntu

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

So you just got yourself a shiny new Kindle,. and now you have a bookshelf full of books but not a single one on your kindle.

Do something about it,… on Ubuntu install calibre, then open click Add Book, which will add the source version, your .lit, or .pub files then click on Convert Book, and select .mobi from the drop-down list of formats. Once it’s done, click on the left, where it shows formats on mobi, it should list the file on the right, right-click on the file and select save.

To send to your Amazon library just email the .mobi file to tyour