Magento Order Products by Attribute

Sort Magento Products Better

Order products by any means necessary

Yesterday I had a client, that wanted to be able to organize their products per category in Magento by a more reasonable method. Well I took a look at magento connect and found a few plugins that would do what he wanted, but I also know that it is free and only takes three steps or so to implement.

Organize Products by an Attribute in Magento
1) We need to add a new attribute,. in Admin go to “Catalog” -> “Attributes” -> “Manage Attributes”
2) Add a custom Attribute
Properties – Attribute Props
Attribute Code: cat_display_order
Scope: Global
Catalog Input Type: Text Field
Apply To: All Products

Properties – Front-end Prop.’s
Use in quick search: no
Use in Adv. Search: no
Comparable on Front-End: no
Used for Promo Rules: no
Allow HTML Tags on Frontend: Yes
Visible on Product View Page: No
Used in Product Listing: No
Used for Sorting in Product Listing: Yes *important this is what lets you order by it

Manage Label/Options
Admin: Product Sort Order
Store View: Deafult

3) Save the Attribute
4) Update your cache and indexes
5) Add the Attribute to the attribute set you are using,. “Catalog” -> “Attributes” -> Manage Attribute Sets
6) Drag your new Attribute “Product Sort Order” to the bottom of the first set of attributes
7) Next lets change the default sort order
8) In Admin select “System” -> “Configuration” -> “Catalog” -> Catalog
9) Under Product Listing Sort By choose “Default” this is the sort you created above
10) Update your products
11) “Catalog” -> “Manage Products”
12) When you edit a product you now have a field called Product Sort Order,. give this an A-Z value,. A being top of the list, Z being the bottom,. you can fill in with any letter values for alphabetical sort order.