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Add Google Play Services to Android SDK

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

So, you want some apps,. here is the tutorial I followed to make it work on my machine.

Building a Faster Celica

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

So, now that I have a couple ST204 Celica’s, a 94 and a 99, I’ve been considering a more extreme performance upgrade.

I’d like to swap the 5F-SE and Stock 5 Speed Transmission over to the 1MZ-FE and E153 Transmission. So, I’m going to start collecting the parts and pieces, and when I have them all, boom..

Step 1) The information…
Step 2) The parts
Transmission (Optional) (GT is useable but 5th gear should be swapped)
Fuel Pump
Misc (Drive Shafts, Exhaust, ETC…)
Step 3) More Info,.
Header, Firewall side needs to be modified to clear steering rack
Fuel system conversion to return style
Re-Route Radiator Hoses
ODB1 to ODB2 conversion
Custom Rear Motor Mount Custom Mount
EVAP System rigged to avoid CEL Errors
Tach Circuit Board needs modification for v6 pulse (Tach of Camry swapped with Cellica)
Custom Strut Bar
Possibly need GT4 Shift Cables
Some have had to take 1/16″ off drivers side axle to get it to retain it

MORE to come