Magento Give a 20% Discount to a Manufacturer

So, this method will apply to many ways of discounting products; using “Catalog Price Rules” this will allow you to discount based on the type of products, brands, and many other attributes.

1) “Admin” -> “Promotions” -> “Catalog Price Rules”
2) “Add New Rule”
Rule Information – (name, description, and who gets it)
Rule Name: “brand_x_20_percent_off”
Description: “30 Day Promotional Discount of Brand X, now 20% off”
Status: Active
Customer Groups: (select all the types of customers that get the 20% off, you can hold “CTRL” or “Shift” to select multiple types
From Date: (click the calendar and select today)
To Date: (Click the calendar and select 30 days from now)

Conditions – (what products/category are discounts applied to)
Click the green + to add a condition
If the attribute that you want to discount based on isn’t available: “Attributes” -> “Manage Attributes”
Select the attribute you would like to have pricing rules applied to such as manufacturer
Under “Properties” scroll down to “Use in Promo Rule Conditions” and select “Yes”

From the drop down, select the attribute you would like to add a promo rule to, we are using manufacturer for the example

Now,. you will have “Manufacturer” is …
You can change the is to is not as well,. so you can apply it to some products by a manufacturer but not all if you chose to.

Now,. the … let’s you select the physical condition that it matches, from the list of attribute values.

Actions – (what will happen)
Apply: by Percentage of the Original Price
Discount Amount: 20
Enable Discount to Subproducts – (if you did a category discount for a category with subcategories and want it to apply)
Stop Further Processing: (if you want this rule to cancel out other discounts)

Save,. and you should have a working discount of 20% off when a customer browses the manufacturer you setup above.