Steve Murphy – Insider Exclusive – SCAM WARNING!

Steve Murphy Insider Exclusive – SCAM – WARNING – REVIEW – ?
Wow, what is this all about?

An attorney came to our office recently to ask about this so called “Insider Exclusive”, featuring Steve Murphy. The first thing that we thought was Inside Edition, and where jumping up and down thinking our lawyer friend was going to be on big-time T.V. Big time turns out to be little time, when you make the jump from Inside Edition to Insider Exclusive. They sure do sound alike.

So this prompted us to do some research and dig into Steve Murphy. As everyone here knows, we are experts on the web.

Here is a sample of the wonderful service he has provided to increase the “Exposure” of a client. we aren’t sure if it is an interview, and expose, or just a way to test if the camera is running. Basically in the four years its been on vimeo it’s averaged just less than 1 view per day. Hopefully she didn’t pay too much for the video… I’m guessing that most of the visits are her and her friends, along with google., Typically when a promotional piece goes out just friends and family will account for 300-400 views so what is this good for.


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