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Disposable ECigs

Monday, January 20th, 2014

So, we’ve launched a new site for a client, and found that selling Electronic Cigarettes online is a little tricky.

Our first problem was payment processing. As with most of our magento based clients we decided that when we launched with Paypal as our payment processor. We received two orders, the first processed fine, the second got kicked back. We then received emails telling us our paypal account has been shutdown for breaking policy.

So, we tracked down a payment gateway that allows online ecig sales, and was once again back in business.

Next,. we had to come up with a way to advertise our services, and low and behold every online marketing firm blocks ecigarettes just like regular cigarettes. Grr… So, we came up with a plan, and we will be marketing our e-cigarette reviews and complaints and then offering people the chance to click over via an in page ad.

So now, is now live, taking orders and processing them.