How Do I Import Images in Magento

Stuck on importing your images for a large catalog of products for magento, here are a few tips that after two days of fighting with magento I’ve found.

1) Make sure you’ve uploaded your images to the /media/import folder.
2) In you import .csv file make sure you’ve specified your images as /thisimage.jpg nothing else no folders just the forward slash.
3) Make sure you pay attention to the case of the file extensions and images thisimage.jpg != thisimage.JPG || THISIMAGE.jpg
4) If you have succesfully imported a product with it’s images, make sure to delete the images from your csv file for the next import or you will end up with duplicate images for the product.
5) If at first you don’t succeed it’s magento, stop, walk away, grab a cigarette and come back to it, don’t pull out your hair it’s magento.

6) If all this fails, post a comment or question on

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